Beattie's Studio in Cat & Fiddle arcade Hobart was once the place to go for portrait photography, weddings and special events. From the 1930's when the Stephenson family bought it until 1993 when the doors closed, there were over 100,000 photographic sessions. Each session might consist of a number of photos. A wedding might be 100 photos or more.

All the negatives were retained by the studio. Most of them still exist. Sadly, a few succumbed to fires, floods and chemical break down and hence are lost forever. From the late 1950's onwards, the film and storage methods had improved and virtually all of those negatives are still on file. Prior to 1955, it can be hit or miss.

If you want to purchase reprints of your Beattie's photos, please use the Contact page to get in touch. If the negatives still exist, we would be happy to help. All the records are manual and there is considerable work involved in locating them. Hence there is a fee involved. This covers locating and digitising the photos and making them available on a private web site for you to view and place orders for downloads or prints. This fee is only payable if we locate the negatives.

We have helped many happy customers locate photos of their family and provided them with digital copies, beautifully restored.



Please ensure that your photos were actually taken at Beatties and not at another studio, because we only have Beattie's negatives. Other competing studios made their own arrangements.