Do you have an old photo that has faded, cracked, been torn or damaged? Do you want a photograph restored to its former glory? How about colouring old black and white photos? Well Beattie's Digitial Studio does that too.

While restoring the Beattie's Studio collection I have learned a thing or two about fixing old photos. I'm at 5500 and counting. I've had them where the glass plate has cracked, the film has mould or rot. I've seen them faded so badly I didn't know what it was. And of course colour photos fade like crazy.

I now offer the restoration service to the public. I've done plenty of photo fixes for customers. I find it quite rewarding and it's a good way to raise money for the Beattie collection.


Please feel free to get in touch. Free quote. The service doesn't cost an arm and a leg.