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Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I buy one of these photos to hang on my wall?

As you browse the galleries, when you find a photo you would like to buy, press the "buy" button at the right hand side if the shopping options are not displayed. A few common sizes are displayed or you can press "Visit Shop" to see the full list of ways to enjoy this photo. You can add as many items to your shopping cart as you wish, then proceed to checkout to finalise your order.


Do you have a photo of <something important to you>?

There is a search facility on the web site which can assist you in locating images of specific places that you may be interested in. I intend to digitise all 7000+ photos. To date, about 5000 are available, but I am working as fast as I can, health, family and retired life considered. I am happy to answer email about specific requests, but remember I am a "team" of one, so replies may take some time. Most of the information about the photos has come from generous historians and members of the public. There was hardly any information about the photos saved after the fire, no index, no descriptions, no dates, just thousands of negatives in paper bags with a number written on the bag, sometimes. I love to hear from people who have information about the photos. Please use the contact page on this web site.


Did John Watt Beattie really take all these photos?

No. Please see our Beattie's Studio History page. Mr Beattie bought the studio from the Anson brothers who in turn had bought previous photographic businesses. The line of studios traces back to the 1840's. With each acquisition or transfer of the business, the collection of negatives was passed along. Also Mr Beattie and the other studio owners had photographers who worked for them. Other photographers of note contributed images to what we call the Beattie's Studio collection. 


What quality can I expect from 100 year old photos?

John Stephenson has chosen to re-interpret the collection for a modern audience. The digital recreations are far clearer and have more contrast than previously seen.

"For at least the last 10 years, there have been more photographs taken every single year than in all the years of recorded history put together. Today, most people carry a highly capable camera with them 24x7. We have the rise of "computational photography" where artificial intelligence creates the photo, taking "point and shoot" to an entirely new level. People don't make photos anymore, computers make photos. I believe that if John Watt Beattie was alive today, he would be producing entirely different images. And that's what I am doing with the collection that he left behind. I am working with the best of the images, producing new, unique works of art, that I believe Mr Beattie would be proud of."

Most of our collection is what we term 5 star. We also have a number of 3 star images that are historically significant. These will have blemishes that have not been removed. The original negative may have been damaged (many have survived 2 fires) or the image may have been recovered from a print as the negative was lost. We believe these 3 star images are still valuable. As technology and budget allows, we will be seeking to improve them, but currently offer them in the best form we can. If you look at the tags listed below each photo, you will see the "3Star" tag on 3 star photos. In some cases, we may edit a 3 star photo before we print it for you.


What is the delivery time?

Once printed, framed and ready, I use Express Post. Some local deliveries I do myself. From my experience, most customers receive their prints within 3 working days of dispatch. Larger and framed items may take a little longer. Anything shipped by Australia Post with glass, I substitute acrylic ("Perspex" being one brand of acrylic) as that travels better and is lighter. Museum grade glass or acrylic is available at extra cost. (And the manufacturers know how to charge for that stuff!!! But it does look good, or that doesn't look at all.

International customers - Prints are despatched using Express Post International and the world has gone mad, so I wouldn't like to guess on delivery times.


If I order a print does it have the "(c) Beatties Studio" watermark on it?

No. The watermark (in the centre) only displays on the web site, it does not appear on finished photographs. The "" signature in the bottom left corner will appear. Analogue prints by John Watt Beattie and all subsequent Beatties Studio photographers were always signed. We have chosen to sign our prints in a similar manner.

Do I need to register on the web site to view or purchase photos?
No. You can browse the full collection and make purchases without any registration. Simply use the Guest option at checkout to avoid registration. But if you do decide to register, you can better track your orders and we will keep you informed about new photos and special offers. We will not give or sell your details to any marketers, we abide by Australian privacy laws.
Do I need to use PayPal?
We use PayPal for accepting credit card payments on the web site. You do not need a PayPal account, you can just enter your card details when prompted. Although if you have a PayPal account, you can use it if you wish. Despite our trepidation, we find PayPal provides the best value merchant services at this time.
Can I use Beatties photos for publication?
You will need to contact us before you can publish Beattie's Digital photos. We are able to supply digital copies and negotiate suitable licences for publication. Not-for-profit publications do require a licence, but should not be scared off, we're very easy to work with and very reasonable. No-one has ever gone away because they couldn't afford to licence one of our photos.
But isn't the copyright on these old photos expired?
The copyright on the original photos may well have expired, but our digital reproductions are new derivative works covered by new copyright. We put significant effort into these images, we are happy to share them under licence.
I live outside Australia, can I still order prints?
Absolutely. Our "printed in Tasmania" products are shipped worldwide. We also use professional printers in Europe and the USA. When you change from AUD to USD or EUR currency on our web site, the international partners automatically become available to you. Please note products and finishes do vary.
Why do some photographs appear in more than one gallery?
Our galleries are classified using key words. We try to classify the photo by the main subject. But some photos are "about" more than one thing and so appear in more than one gallery. We are trying to make them easier to find.